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Handicap 54 course | 2 days or 6 weeks

During golf you are active in the open air. But on many golf courses you must have at least a golf skill certificate 'Handicap 54' to play. With this course you have this proof super fast in the pocket.

In two days or six evenings you can obtain your golf certificate on various courses in the Netherlands. All parts of the golf game are covered. Chipping, putting, pitching, swing and of course the necessary etiquette and safety rules

2-day course

The course is given on a Friday and a Saturday, or on a Saturday and a Sunday, at several locations in the Netherlands. The course starts on both days at 10.00 hours and lasts until approximately 16.30 hours. The theory exam is taken at the end of the first day of the course.

6-week course

The 6-week course is the alternative to the two-day course. The same lesson material, but spread over six lessons of two hours in the evening or on weekends

The course is included:

  • 2 days golf lesson

  • A job lesson

  • Use of practice balls

  • Loan materials

  • A summary of the golf rules

  • Theory exam of the Dutch Golf Federation

  • 100% Play Guarantee

Wassenaar, Amsterdam, Amstelborght, Amsterdam-abcoude, Best (near Eindhoven), Brummen (near Arnhem), Groningen, Hattem (near Zwolle), Hilversum, Lieren (Apeldoorn), Ommen (Almelo/Zwolle), Putten (near Amersfoort), Rhoon (near Rotterdam), Roosendaal, Soestduin, Weesp, Zaandam (Wijderwormer).