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Experience the battle of Arnhem!

Experience the Second World War as if you were in the middle of it!

Logo of Airborne Museum Hartenstein

Experience World War II as if you were in the middle of it yourself. Go back in time at Airborne Museum Hartenstein and experience the underground Airborne Experience. This is where you get close to the war.

The underground Airborne Experience is unique in Europe. You wander through the streets of Arnhem and hear the gunshots, German orders and fear cries around you. Super exciting, but fortunately not really.

Operation Market Garden

In the briefing room of the underground Airborne Experience you will be instructed that Operation Market Garden is about to begin. And then it happens! With a glider new troops are brought in on the Ginkel moor and the battle erupts. You'll experience everything yourself here: street fights and battles on the bridge, Germans raiding and retreating to Oosterbeek where the fighting continues.

Villla Hartenstein

Airborne Museum Hartenstein can be found in Villa Hartenstein. During the Battle of Arnhem the villa was the headquarters of the Allies. The personal stories of veterans, authentic objects and newspapers give the battle a face in the museum.

For the kids

A day at the Airborne Museum with the kids? Then follow the Tom