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Come run, jump and clamber at Joepie!

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Come to the nicest playground with a roof on it! Dive into the ball pit, climb on the climbing frame and discover the exciting mazes. The little ones have a safe play corner for themselves.

Who climbs the fastest through the cages full of obstacles and glaciates first from the big slide? You immediately land bouncing on a bouncy castle. Or crawl and glide through exciting tunnels and dive into the ball pit. The daredevils probably also climb to the highest point of the large bouncy castle. Joepie! Kids don't get played out.

Everyone has been thought of

The youngest children can play in peace in their own corner. There they have a soft floor, small obstacles and their own ball pit. For the parents there are several places where they can quietly enjoy a cup of coffee, a newspaper and Wifi. This way the children can play, but the parents can still keep an eye on them.