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Defy outdoor escaperoom Legend Basilicae

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Outdoor escape game Legenda Basilicae is an outdoor escaperoom. You start at a mysterious T-junction in Hoeven and follow clues to unravel the enigmatic legend. You can play this escape game from the age of two!

In the peaceful Hoeven lies a deep secret. A bloodcurdling legend, waiting to be unravelled... Can you do it? Outdoor escape game Legenda Basilicae is a thrilling game for groups from two to eight people. Nice as an exciting group outing!

The Legend of the Basilica

Gossip is going around that there is a female voice in the Basilica in Hoeven. And at the statue of Saint Agatha strange things have been found. Now what? Fortunately, there are also clues that lead to an explanation. Will you solve the riddle?

Hints and puzzles

Get ready for quite a challenge: unravelling a legend shouldn't be too easy! Some groups manage to solve the mystery within one hour, others don't. It is recommended to always have at least one adult in the group. This increases the chance of finding all the clues and solving puzzles.