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Come and eat pancakes!

Sailing and eating pancakes on the Meuse

Logo of Pannenkoekenboot Rotterdam

On the Pancake Boat everyone can eat unlimited meals from the buffet, while the boat makes a trip on the Meuse. The Port of Rotterdam with its impressive skyline will pass you by while you enjoy good food and the beautiful view

How many pancakes can you eat? The pancake bakers bake them delicious golden brown, natural, with bacon or apple. Ideal for family dining and you can eat as many pancakes as you like. Children can make their own pancakes and decorate them with cheese, ham, fruit, jam and chocolates. There is a ball tray in the ship's hold for the children, so parents can relax for a moment while having dinner.

Sailing on the Meuse

Combine your boat trip with a visit to the Euromast. The boarding point of Pancake Boat Rotterdam is Parkhaven, opposite the Euromast. On board you sail along the beautiful skyline of Rotterdam over the river Maas. Impressive!

Ball tray on board

After dinner the children have a great time in the ship's hold. Here they find an enormous ball pit. There are also colouring pages with coloured pencils for between the pancakes