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Space Expo

Logo of Space Expo

At Space Expo you will be taken on a journey along distant planets and galaxies. Learn all about space travel, famous astronauts like André Kuipers and feel what it's like to move on the moon with the moonjump.

At the space exhibition you will experience a rocket launch and see your space suits that real astronauts wore! You can also admire what a space station looks like and learn all about the history and technology behind space travel

Be an astronaut yourself

Take on the role of an astronaut at Space Expo. In the Soyuz simulator you'll experience taking off and landing in a space shuttle! With the moonjump you can feel what it's like to move on the moon and in the International Space Station ISS you can discover how astronauts live.

A spacy and interactive day out!

On 19 September André Kuipers unveiled in Space Expo the space capsule in which he landed safely on Earth again in 2012. He lived and worked in the ISS for six months, 400 kilometres above Earth. Now on view in Space Expo!